Fristin McGillicutty (syko_neko) wrote in fancypanfinsen,
Fristin McGillicutty

oh yeah...

this is the "official" email I got from marg, just so you know I'm not holding any info back from you :P

Hello panfinsens!

It's Margaret here and I wanted to let you guys know that our theater
is back open (it's new!) and we're back and better than ever, and need
you guys if you're interested!

First off, we have a show on Friday at 12:00 AM, called the Cagematch.
It's at Improv Olympic and it's free I think. We go up against another
team to see who's better (we've already won one, we're back to defend
our title!) The audience gets the vote so we're looking for good people
who will vote for us! The other team is a hack team HACK TEAM and we
want to beat them. So there's that.

Then on Saturday at 12:00 AM we're doing a show at our NEW theater that
just opened at 3209 N. Halsted. This is just the Fancypants and we're
doing something called "The Wheel of Form!". We have a wheel with some
forms on it (Hulk Form which is pretty funny and Terrorslide and some
other good things) and we'll spin it and decide which form we're doing.
Should be a blast, that shows 5$.

We're so happy to be back up and playing and I hope we get to see you
guys at 1 or both of the shows this weekend! We'll start having some
regular weekend shows towards the end of the month. Just getting the
theater up and running!



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