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I'm sorry.

so, other than seeing bob and jason in worms this morning, and the fancypants show tonight, I had a horrible horrible day. but I should keep that to my own journal... I just had to say it to warn you that I'm quite depressed at the moment, so I'm sorry if I sound bitchy.

in other news...

the show was good. there have been better, but it kept me laughing (which, considering my mood, is a very good thing). yay.

my step dad liked it.

I'm not mentally capable of writing a review right now.

here are some quotes:
(oh, it was in a Gentlemens' Club.)
  • "we'll have what gentlemens drink!" - jason
  • "I'm not here to be your little brother. I'm here to be your improvisor. what did I say?" - bob (haha)
  • "why don't you shop at that Dominick's? Is it the meat department? I can tell you're homosexual, you like the meat." - bob
  • "oh, so you're perfect?" - jason
    "no I'm not perfect, bitch! you can hardly understand me!" - bob
    "no no, I can understand you just fine." - jason
    "you can hardly understand me!" - bob
    "no really, I can understand--" - jason
    "I just said 'I want a pizza'." - bob
  • "she's got powerful ears! hot damn, keep her!" - bob
  • "I'll put on the dirty sex music!" - dave
  • "I'm a gentleman. I'm a gentleman... and I drive a race car." - bob
    "you drive a race car around my ass!" - trish
  • "the war is over and I'm gay!" - jason
  • "I'm gonna go live where gay people live, dad." - jason
  • "gay men don't shake hands... they kiss. and cuddle. and dance dirty." - dave

I'm sorry there aren't very many... the show seemed shorter than usual, though that may just be me. x.x


I realised I may not see the pants again until dec 13th. I don't know what I'll do with myself in that much time!! :O


and then I commented on bob's "green" scarf, which was actually bright orange. yeah. today was definately not my day.

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