Fristin McGillicutty (syko_neko) wrote in fancypanfinsen,
Fristin McGillicutty

while we were at the pants show on saturday, dan gave us some comps to THE DAMNATION GAME, so we're probably going to see that sometime soon...

The Damnation Game is the comedy game show from Hell. It's a Television Style Game Show where the cast members compete, and the audience wins. Each cast member will be playing for a certain audience member, with the winning audience member getting a fabulous prize. You're not only watching the show, you are the show! This is the one. The show that combines everything I've done as an actor, director, and producer, into one show. If you're reading this website, then you're a pal of mine, and I need you to come to this show. DO IT!
At the Bailiwick Arts Center Studio Theater, 1229 W. Belmont
Fridays at 10:30, starting March 5th, closing April 30th.
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