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I put this up on the site, but I'll post it here again anyway. ^_^

Review: March 20th, 2004

this was (for the most part) the first Pants show in the NEW playground theater! and especially after being pant-less for so long, it was absolutely wonderful. the team (minus Jason) was definately full of energy and they put on a great show. they were also showing off their new(ish?) 'wheel of form', where a spin determines the way the scenes are to be acted out. after spinning the wheel and getting some suggestions from the audience, the scenes tonight were: 'After Party: Beach House @ Universal Studios', 'Blue La Ronde: Ball Cock', and 'Knick Knack: Supermarket'. the entire show (plus encore!) was awesome, yay for mr. fancypants! ^_^

  • "if I have to see that movie with the bandit..." - bob
    "smokey and the?" - phil
    "yeah if I ever have to see that movie again, I swear to christ..." - bob
  • "I remember that time in 3rd grade when my cat got run over." - trish
    "yeah is was funny for a few seconds." - dave
    "especially since you were driving the car... and you were in kindergarten." - trish
    "yeah it was funny for a few seconds." - dave
  • "florida is where the magic happens." - ?
  • "it's like I'm some sort of asp." - marg
  • "look at all this seagull crap. it's like they eat peanut butter!" - phil
    "I heard if you feed them peanut butter, they explode." - bob
    "... we gotta get some peanut butter." - phil
  • "do your underpants smell like men?" - trish
    "I have no idea..." - dave
    "I bet they do, d-dog." - trish
    "hold on..." - dave
    "I have been waiting 14 years to smell your underpants." - trish
  • "yknow, with all this sitting in the sun and the smoking and the drinking, it's almost like I'm eating cancer!" - marg
  • "you're so careful with me baby, it's like I'm a china doll, and you're my owner." - marg
  • "if I didn't think you would drop dead or I'd crush a vein, I'd take you right now." - jim
  • "I bet 40% of the extras are him!" - ?
  • "so, my underwear smells like hay." - trish
  • "I was just gonna ask if you've ever thought about touching me?" - trish
  • "look, I've even diagramed it. I start with touching your hand ever so gently, because I've never touched a man before." - trish
    "not even by accident, like in an elevator?" - dave
    "never." - trish
  • "do you sell cigarettes here?" - jim
    "...this is burger king." - bob
  • "burger SMOking, is what they should call it!" - marg
  • "MAKE OUR DAY!" - jim
    "I'm trying to make your food, if you would just pull up to the second window..." - bob
  • "it's funny when you say 'bone'." - bob
  • "you're like the shortest bus ride I've ever took. I get on and in 30 seconds I get off." - dave
  • "sometimes I think I should just put this ball cock in my mouth." - marg
  • "put the box up against the ball cock." - marg
  • "if you wanna fuck with the ball cock, it's all yours." - marg
  • "it's scratch and win... maybe you'll win and not just scratch." - bob
  • "gimme change so I can scratch these things off" - phil
  • "did you hear the noise? it went k-ching! like money!" - bob
  • "I don't believe in santa, but I know he's lucky... I read the bible!" - phil
  • "son of a fuck!" - bob
  • "clocks are like communism." - trish
    "toni, you are like communism. crushing my brain with a penis." - bob
  • "you are stretching like shitface" - bob
  • "yknow what time is like?" - trish
    "a pancake flipped over? yeah you've told me that." - jim
  • "a rabbit walks into a bar..." - trish
    "is he an arab?" - jim
    "he's black." - trish
  • "a black rabbit walks into a bar, and of course he orders watermelon. then the bartender says 'black rabbits don't like watermelon. everyone knows they like chicken." - trish
  • "we've got 15 minutes. would you like me to jack you off on the way?" - dave
    "that'd be nice." - jim
  • "excuse me! I'm driving and jerking off my boss, he's important!" - dave
  • "sir, the kids want to play pole position too." - bob
  • "what kind of director wouldn't bring beer to a rehearsal? ... A GAY ONE!" - phil
  • "NO. I'm the rich man. my hands stay dry!" - phil
  • "last time I had another man's hand down my pants, I was in trouble for 6 days." - bob
  • "children have little hands." - dave
    "and lots of energy!" - phil
  • "we're on in 5. make your own costumes!" - phil
  • "there once was this dog that walked into a bar... he was gay." - trish
  • "you want krispy kremes? I got em, cuz the red light was on." - bob
  • "I definately hit the tar on that one." - phil
    "if you mean nigger, I saw it." - jim
  • "go to the foo'king!" - bob
  • "give me dinte moore than I got in my hands!" - marg
  • "I've always thought I'd be a good astronaut, cuz I'm really good at eating stuff out of cans. and I go real fast in my car." - phil
  • "I'd like jello for lunch. jello and a grandchild. do you think you could get me a grandchild?" - trish
    "not since you sterilized me when I was 9." - jim
  • "there are lots of nice asian babies available for adoption... without legs." - trish
  • "mom, where are your pants? did you leave your pants at home again?" - trish
    "oh yeah... good thing I wore my good panties. I always liked the mickey mouse ones. it's like he's dancing on my vagina." - marg
  • "sir, you only have 3 items and one of them is duct tape." - bob
  • "I wanna show you how much I appreciate everything you've done for me. *licks fingers*" - dave
  • "don't worry, your mother's fine. I ran into her in the produce aisle and we freaked like crazy in the mist. she's sleeping it off." - dave
  • "you wanna freak on the okra?" - dave
  • "yknow what I say... if they're 85, I ...*mumble*FUCK EM!" - dave
  • "can I just have my mom's purse back?" - trish
    "I need a receipt." - dave
  • "it's weird downstairs for me." - bob
  • "god, you have really big tits." - dave
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