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Black Box Improv Festival 
12:31pm 12/07/2004
  i saw from this community's interests that people here like improv and therefore may be interested in attending an improv comedy theater festival in atlanta for as little as $15 for performance space and workshops or $5 if you just want to see a show. please help me spread the word, particularly to any college troupes that may be interested in coming. e-mail blackbox@dramatech.org for more infornation. Thanx.

~matthew (production manager of LTT!)

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07:16pm 02/06/2004
mood: distressed
I got this email from Bob today.


Dan and Trish Izzo are moving away to Michigan,
leaving the Pants at 6 members. Dave is an active,
touring member of Second City's Blue Co - so he will
not be available much. Jim is in the group GayCo and
has crazy amounts of production duties. Phil is hard
at work pitching Superpunk (his 2 person sketch show)
to people in Los Angeles. Jason is producer
extrordinaire at the Comedysportz theater and with his
own production company Jerk Alert Productions and
Margaret finally has a boyfriend. finally.

as for Me, I'm directing all sorts of shows and
making many short films in my free time.

so we're throwing in the towl.

After 5 great years, America says goodbye to a dear
The Pants:
Jason Anfinsen
Jim Bennett
David Colan
Margaret Hicks
Trish Izzo
Bob Ladewig
Phillip Mottaz
and our coach, Mr.Dan Izzo

In Memory:
That one guy – week 3 Chris Gelbach - 1999
Michael Lehrer – 2000 Joe Bozic – 2001
Jen Shepard – 2002 Liz McDonald - 2002

You’re invited!
Saturday, June 12, 8pm
Saturday, June 19, 12:15am
Saturday, July 3, 8pm
And the final Pants performance:
Midnight, Saturday, July 10
A party dedicated to our friends, The Fancypanfinsens


SO! my loyal fancypanfinsen friends, we NEED to be at EVERY one of those shows!! they should each be $5. if you can't make it to all of them, it's ok, but I want EVERYONE to be at the party on the 10th. that means take it off work NOW. please get back to me if you would like to be a driver for any of those nights, and I'll be in touch with everyone before each of the shows. <3

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05:38pm 12/04/2004
mood: hopeful
it looks like this is the schedule for this week:

THURSDAY - pants/ playground/ 8pm/ $10 (might be able to get coupons???)
FRIDAY - damnation game/ bailiwick arts center/ 10:30pm/ $0-$5
SATURDAY - midsummer nights dream/ comedy sportz/ 1pm(???)/ $5ish(depending on comps???)
(SUNDAY) - pants/ playground/ 12:15am/ $5

so get back to me if you want to come to any of those shows!!


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05:29pm 12/04/2004
  FROM MARGARET YO (I cut and pasted all the important parts, these were actually 3 different emails originally...)

Here's the Fancypants update!

We have a show this Thurs at 8, regular improv with 3 other teams, just like you're used to!

Then this Saturday we have our Wheel of Form again at 12:15 (Sun morning really).

Show on Thursday is $10 the show on Sat night is $5.

And honestly, our Thursdays are fun, but the midnight saturday is sort of our baby.

Do your schoolwork or else you'll end up like the Pants with nothing to do except play with other peoples pants.

That didnt come out right,


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10:18pm 06/04/2004
  there's a pants show this thursday! if I can get some people to come with me (and give me a ride *coughcough*), I'd really like to go! :O

also, next weekend I think I'm planning to go see Midsummer Night's Dream, which fancypant BOB is in. so lemme know if you wanna go to that.

AND the weekend after that will be the DAMNATION GAME, so talk to me.


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08:52am 22/03/2004
  while we were at the pants show on saturday, dan gave us some comps to THE DAMNATION GAME, so we're probably going to see that sometime soon...

(from danizzo.com)
The Damnation Game is the comedy game show from Hell. It's a Television Style Game Show where the cast members compete, and the audience wins. Each cast member will be playing for a certain audience member, with the winning audience member getting a fabulous prize. You're not only watching the show, you are the show! This is the one. The show that combines everything I've done as an actor, director, and producer, into one show. If you're reading this website, then you're a pal of mine, and I need you to come to this show. DO IT!
At the Bailiwick Arts Center Studio Theater, 1229 W. Belmont
Fridays at 10:30, starting March 5th, closing April 30th.

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01:30pm 21/03/2004
  I put this up on the site, but I'll post it here again anyway. ^_^

Review: March 20th, 2004

this was (for the most part) the first Pants show in the NEW playground theater! and especially after being pant-less for so long, it was absolutely wonderful. the team (minus Jason) was definately full of energy and they put on a great show. they were also showing off their new(ish?) 'wheel of form', where a spin determines the way the scenes are to be acted out. after spinning the wheel and getting some suggestions from the audience, the scenes tonight were: 'After Party: Beach House @ Universal Studios', 'Blue La Ronde: Ball Cock', and 'Knick Knack: Supermarket'. the entire show (plus encore!) was awesome, yay for mr. fancypants! ^_^

  • "if I have to see that movie with the bandit..." - bob
    "smokey and the?" - phil
    "yeah if I ever have to see that movie again, I swear to christ..." - bob
  • "I remember that time in 3rd grade when my cat got run over." - trish
    "yeah is was funny for a few seconds." - dave
    "especially since you were driving the car... and you were in kindergarten." - trish
    "yeah it was funny for a few seconds." - dave
  • "florida is where the magic happens." - ?
  • "it's like I'm some sort of asp." - marg
  • "look at all this seagull crap. it's like they eat peanut butter!" - phil
    "I heard if you feed them peanut butter, they explode." - bob
    "... we gotta get some peanut butter." - phil
  • "do your underpants smell like men?" - trish
    "I have no idea..." - dave
    "I bet they do, d-dog." - trish
    "hold on..." - dave
    "I have been waiting 14 years to smell your underpants." - trish
  • "yknow, with all this sitting in the sun and the smoking and the drinking, it's almost like I'm eating cancer!" - marg
    MORE!Collapse )

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07:33pm 17/03/2004
mood: excited

after an elongated intermission, the pants are getting their improv on in a new and improved playground theater, located at 3209 N. Halsted! it's basically right on the corner of Belmont and Halsted, "right in the thick of it all", according to Marg.

the show starts at midnight and tickets are only $5, so YOU BETTER BE THERE!!

in other news, I redid the site a bit to make it a little easier to use. I still need to fix the ancient picture on the front page and make thumbnails for most of the pictures... I'll get to it! :P


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oh yeah... 
07:02pm 17/03/2004
  this is the "official" email I got from marg, just so you know I'm not holding any info back from you :P

Hello panfinsens!

It's Margaret here and I wanted to let you guys know that our theater
is back open (it's new!) and we're back and better than ever, and need
you guys if you're interested!

First off, we have a show on Friday at 12:00 AM, called the Cagematch.
It's at Improv Olympic and it's free I think. We go up against another
team to see who's better (we've already won one, we're back to defend
our title!) The audience gets the vote so we're looking for good people
who will vote for us! The other team is a hack team HACK TEAM and we
want to beat them. So there's that.

Then on Saturday at 12:00 AM we're doing a show at our NEW theater that
just opened at 3209 N. Halsted. This is just the Fancypants and we're
doing something called "The Wheel of Form!". We have a wheel with some
forms on it (Hulk Form which is pretty funny and Terrorslide and some
other good things) and we'll spin it and decide which form we're doing.
Should be a blast, that shows 5$.

We're so happy to be back up and playing and I hope we get to see you
guys at 1 or both of the shows this weekend! We'll start having some
regular weekend shows towards the end of the month. Just getting the
theater up and running!




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10:15am 30/07/2003
mood: dorky
hey, sorry I haven't done much lately with the pants, I've been working a lot and gearing up for vacation the first week of august. after then, I will surely be much more involved!

in the meantime, we have a new domain name. YOU LOVE IT!



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07:59pm 29/05/2003
mood: happy
word up.
so.... when's the next fancy pants show?
I'm leaving the 5th for a week, so i can totally see them when i come back.
if you know WHEN they're uh... improving or whatever.

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12:12am 29/01/2003
mood: exhausted
eek! sorry for the lack of updates, I've been sickly and tired and busy... the show on saturday rocked and the Pants gave me a birthday card and cupcakes! ^.^ bwee!

important news: LIZ HAD HER BABY! :D
Katherine Bernice McDonald
Born 1/23/03 8:18PM 5lbs 14 oz


more updates soon, I promise!


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quick update! 
12:59am 13/01/2003
mood: sleepy
one review up (for dec 27th... I know it's really late!), one to go! the show last night was SUPER GOOD! :D
I'm also working on thumbnails for the pics page, hoorah!

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12:23pm 09/01/2003
mood: dorky
hey kids! I bet you were all crying in misery because of the lack of Fancypants updates... I was too. ;_;
I wasn't able to see them for over a month, and believe me, it was excrutiating! :O I FINALLY got to the show on dec 27th, and it was wonderbar. I haven't written the review yet (shame on me!!), but it WILL be up eventually...
the next show is tomorrow, friday the 10th! woo!

mmhmm. just an update to let you know that I and my love for Fancypants haven't died. ^_^


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do you love fancypants? 
12:28pm 18/11/2002
mood: bored
so, I tried to post this here last night and for some reason it posted in my regular journal instead. hmm.

whee, I made a guestbook. I wanted to put some more questions on it, but I'm tired. suggestions are more than welcome.

...so go Sign It, cuz you love me. ^_^


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06:05pm 17/11/2002
mood: drained
it's late and tiny, but the review is up!

and check out the new icon, isn't it hot?


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I'm sorry. 
11:34pm 16/11/2002
mood: distressed
so, other than seeing bob and jason in worms this morning, and the fancypants show tonight, I had a horrible horrible day. but I should keep that to my own journal... I just had to say it to warn you that I'm quite depressed at the moment, so I'm sorry if I sound bitchy.

in other news...

the show was good. there have been better, but it kept me laughing (which, considering my mood, is a very good thing). yay.

my step dad liked it.

I'm not mentally capable of writing a review right now.

here are some quotes:
(oh, it was in a Gentlemens' Club.)
  • "we'll have what gentlemens drink!" - jason
  • "I'm not here to be your little brother. I'm here to be your improvisor. what did I say?" - bob (haha)
  • "why don't you shop at that Dominick's? Is it the meat department? I can tell you're homosexual, you like the meat." - bob
  • "oh, so you're perfect?" - jason
    "no I'm not perfect, bitch! you can hardly understand me!" - bob
    "no no, I can understand you just fine." - jason
    "you can hardly understand me!" - bob
    "no really, I can understand--" - jason
    "I just said 'I want a pizza'." - bob
  • "she's got powerful ears! hot damn, keep her!" - bob
  • "I'll put on the dirty sex music!" - dave
  • "I'm a gentleman. I'm a gentleman... and I drive a race car." - bob
    "you drive a race car around my ass!" - trish
  • "the war is over and I'm gay!" - jason
  • "I'm gonna go live where gay people live, dad." - jason
  • "gay men don't shake hands... they kiss. and cuddle. and dance dirty." - dave

I'm sorry there aren't very many... the show seemed shorter than usual, though that may just be me. x.x


I realised I may not see the pants again until dec 13th. I don't know what I'll do with myself in that much time!! :O


and then I commented on bob's "green" scarf, which was actually bright orange. yeah. today was definately not my day.


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10:27pm 11/11/2002
mood: loved
hey, I added Bios pages! I know those little pictures suck, I'm workin' on it! :P
slowly but surely, the site's coming together...

the next show is sat, Nov 16th at 8! who's going?

Bob's email was the sweetest thing! :D

>>tin tin a go go!<<

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lookee what I found! :O 
06:42pm 10/11/2002
mood: dorky

more!! :DCollapse )

and even more!

ah, that was exciting. ^_^


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12:24am 09/11/2002
mood: ecstatic
!!!!! tonight's show was so good, I can't even talk about it! go read the review, though it doesn't do the show the least bit of justice.

Dave had the most quotes on the quote board...
and ok, Bob just wins for using Donkey Punch and Fuck Butter. IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT!


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